5 Myths about Collecting Donations through Online Payment

Posted on Feb 7, 2014 10:32:00 AM by Ashley Wood

If you’re a nonprofit, you probably know that online payment is a fast and secure way to collect donations. In fact, receiving payments over the internet may be even better than you think. These are 5 misconceptions we would like to clear up.


Online payments are only for disaster relief organizations.

Prominent organizations like the American Red Cross or UNICEF receive a surge of web traffic after events like tsunamis and earthquakes. However, online fundraising can work for any nonprofit regardless of your size or mission. You’ll be able to reach people you wouldn’t be able to afford to contact through most other methods.

Online donors will only make one time gifts.

A well-planned conversion program can turn those newcomers into regular donors. With the right tools, you can even set up automatic recurring donations. Your organization could benefit from immediate and long term support.

Online donors don’t need any custom treatment.

Of course, conversion rates depend on skilled communications. Segmenting online donors enables you to focus on their interests and concerns. You’ll get better results when you invest in devices like custom donation forms.

Online gifts are always small.

The average gift is smaller in online fundraising compared to some other methods. However, there is also the potential for large donations. Even small donations add up to substantial lifetime giving if these prospects join a monthly giving program. Selling tangible products online as a source of fundraising is a great way to boost spending.

Older people don’t give online.

Even grandparents are on Facebook these days. Social media may help you to reach younger audiences that are less likely to be accessible through channels like direct mail. At the same time, you can expect that your message will be seen by plenty of more mature folks. Everyone, regardless of age can enjoy the convienience of supporting a cause or organization they believe in.


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