5 Cheer Club Management Strategies That Work

Posted on 2/28/18 12:00 PM by Matt Fish

The world of cheerleading is incredibly competitive, with clubs constantly searching for that new, innovative tools to add to their arsenal. Especially if your cheer gym is running programs or activities all year long, it can be tough to manage every aspect of your business in such a fast-paced environment. Fortunately, de-stressing your day-to-day is easier than you think.

Discover five cheer club management strategies that work:

Whether it’s transitioning to a registration system that’s completely online, offering flexible payment plans or making sure your cheer website is optimized for mobile use, focusing on the details of your cheerleading business will only have a positive impact on your brand long-term. By streamlining some of those data-related processes and implementing software tools that drastically reduce the time needed to get those jobs done, you'll also be able to devote more time to what really matters: helping your athletes develop the skills they need to succeed.

To be fair, this is sometimes easier said than done. Time constraints and budgetary limitations are often part of the reason cheer organization aren't running as efficiently as they could be. To that point, even if changes are made and new digital tools are introduced into your infrastructure, there's still going to be a learning curve for you and your staff. However, these improvements will be worth it down the road - you'll be able to establish your cheer gym as a community cornerstone while also sustaining revenues and engagement for years to come.


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Here are 5 cheerleading management strategies that will definitely put you on the path to success:


Move Your Registration Process Online

If your program, activity, class or session registrations aren't happening online yet, it's time to start.

In the age of instant digital connectivity, you need to meet your customers where they are, which is to say on the internet. Besides just offering added convenience to participants and their family members, there are so many other reasons to make online registrations as part of your gymnastics club.

Do away with wait times, long line-ups and the administrative burden that in-person registration burdens you with. A system that allows athletes and their families to sign up for different activities or events when it’s good for them is a must in the smartphone and tablet era.

Another factor that makes online registration so important is that, as your organization grows and enters more teams into competition in your city and abroad, you’ll need a secure online platform (preferably with cloud integration) that will enable you to scale your cheer enterprise quickly and efficiently.


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Ease the Financial Burden

No matter how competitive your cheerleading squad is, the reality remains: cheer is generally one of the most expensive sports to partake in. With multiple different classes, traveling costs and facility rental fees being just some of the costs that can put a strain on budgets, it’s important to offer families registering with your organization some flexible payment options.

Whether it’s a monthly installment system or subdividing larger fees into smaller, more manageable portions, you’ll not only ease the financial burden on those who are already enjoying the activities with your club, but you’ll also give an added incentive for novices to give cheerleading a try. Also, integrating payments methods like PayPal and Apple’s digital payment system will give your client even more options.

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Make Your Scheduling Flexible

With various classes and practice sessions dotting the average cheer club schedule, organizing your different activities on days and at times that are preferable for everyone involved can be a daunting task. Furthermore, if a last-minute cancellation or change to the schedule needs to be made, communicating this information to registrants in a timely manner can be very stressful.

One way to avoid creating a scheduling logjam is to offer a scheduling setup that isn’t limiting in its rigidity. Allowing athletes or their parents to inform coaches of their absence from a session using an online notification or messaging system means managers get updates in real-time. In addition, software that lets you easily manipulate scheduled activities and change their start time, date or even their frequency can reduce the miscommunication and stress.


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Get in the (Mobile App) Game

Your cheer club’s information and announcements must be able to reach your clients at any moment of the day. Everyone has a busy life and, with smartphone technology now ubiquitous, there’s a very good chance that the best way to reach an athlete or parent quickly is on their mobile device. Therefore, it’s crucial for your cheer club’s online presence to be optimized for more than just desktop viewing.

Whether it’s a mobile-friendly web template or an app that can be downloaded and used independently, making your organization’s information available at the touch of a button is better-suited for clear messaging practices and ensuring that all your operations are running at peak efficiency. No more waiting for people to respond to phone calls or even emails – a fully-functional mobile site or app cuts through the clutter in a big way.


Change for the Better

Any changes that you make should be focused on looking ahead and building the foundation your organization needs to be a well-oiled model of efficiency in the long-term. Band-aid fixes will only hold for a short period of time, whereas addressing structural problems head-on and, more importantly, before they become a serious, all-consuming problem is key to taking your cheer club to new heights.

Ask yourself: Is a change I’m about to make to my management workflow one that will help my business grow? Am I making forward progress or sidestepping the real issue? Are my management strategies having a lasting impact on my organization and overall goals, or are they purely cosmetic touch-ups? Whatever changes you make, be sure you’re always striving to be better tomorrow, not just today.