4 Ways to Inspire Your Customers' Trust Online

Posted on Aug 13, 2015 4:49:23 PM by Marisa Samek

Does your website look trustworthy? In a race to put their operations online, many organizations overlook the importance of creating a site that inspires trust. If your website processes payments, your site should reassure cautious customers that your online payment system will process these payments securely. Here are 4 things you can do to create a site that inspires trust:


1. Create a Professional Website

Make sure your website accurately reflects the message your organization wants to portray. It should look professional yet inviting and while a community-driven organization’s efforts may be more focused on offline rather than online activities, a presentable website lends credibility to your organization. Rest assured that re-vamping your website does not have to cost a fortune. It should be functional not flashy. A few good quality photographs, copy free of grammar or spelling mistakes, and a layout that’s easy to navigate are all it takes.

Many of our clients have great website. This one from Kyle Shewfelt Gymnastics is one of my favourites. Simple, clean, yet inviting and fun, it's totally professional: 



 2. Active Social Media Channels 

Since customers want to know what other people think of your organization, show them by including testimonials and reviews right on your homepage. This strategy is one of the best ways to convert casual visitors into paying customers. Similarly, if you have a bumping Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram, direct visitors to check them out with a prominently placed social media icons or photos. When real people talk about how great your organization, your social proof goes way up, along with your level of trustworthiness.

Our clients Flyers All-Starz have solid social proof. On their Facebook page they share terrific photos of practices and competitions. 



3. Security Standards

Include security seals on the checkout pages as well as links to more detailed information about your secure payment processes. You should also let customers know that your platform adheres to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). These standards ensure that your online payment systems keep your customer’s data safe and sound. (Learn more about securing credit card transactions here)


4. Visible Contact Info

Include your contact info in a place where customers can clearly see it. Knowing that your customers can talk to a real person if they need to brings them peace of mind and reinforces that your website is not run by robots but instead by people who care about delivering premium service.

I love how our client Espace Fitness includes a friendly option to contact them at the top of their site and also includes the contact info in a fun way at the bottom: 




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