4 Reasons Your Gymnastics Club Should Sell Branded Merchandise

Posted on 6/23/15 3:52 PM by Ashley Wood

If your gymnastics club has a devoted customer base, they keep coming back for a reason - whether it's the coaches, the athletes, the network of families or all of the above. As great as that is, you're going to want to use that enthusiasm to generate buzz about your organization and draw new registrants to your programs. How do you accomplish this? One way is through the power of branded merchandising.

Discover 4 reasons why your gymnastics club should be selling branded merchandise:

Gymnastics Club KidsJust like with any other major clothing brand, selling items emblazoned with your club's logo and colors is a great way to have customers give you a boost when it comes to word-of-mouth advertising. Although there are certainly costs involved with getting an online store with branded products up and running, the long-term benefits far outweigh those short-term financial commitments. Here are the biggest reasons why selling club merchandise is something you should be doing:

It Sparks Curiosity

If you're entertaining friends for an evening at your home or displaying your team colors when out in public, the curiosity factor cannot be underestimated when it comes to your club's merchandise. People are inherently inquisitive, so if they see you're supporting a brand or organization that they don't immediately recognize, they'll likely search for the answer online, which means your gymnastics club instantly gets more web traffic as a result.

A great example are those car magnets or bumper stickers that are almost ubiquitous at this point in time. They don't cost much to make and are a great way to generate some buzz while uninitiated passerby are crossing the street or sitting in traffic. In both cases, Google searches will likely be on the menu for those spying your sticker or magnet while stopped at red lights.

It's a Conversation Starter

Let's go back to the house party scenario for a moment. In a more intimate setting like that, friends and acquaintances are likely to ask you about the club face-to-face, rather than leaving to a more impersonal internet-based review. This is great because it allows your already-enthusiastic clients to profess their adoration for your brand.

In a world where digital connectivity often takes precedence over in-person interactions, the power of having someone give you a recommendation based on their first-hand experience is worth more than any online rating you could possibly have. Even with social media becoming more and more integral to our everyday lives, good word-of-mouth often travels faster and has more staying power.

Speaking of which...

Gymnastics Club Success

It Lasts for a Year or More

If customers are the billboard on which your merchandise's logo and colors are being displayed, then you can be certain that the brand will be seen by new prospects for a long period of time after items from your store are bought. Purchases like hoodies, shirts, mugs and more are typically kept by buyers for more than a year, which makes it a no-brainier in terms of an organizational investment for your gymnastics club.

Think of it this way: how much would you be shelling out for a year's worth of actual billboard time, in a location that would get a large amount of views each and every day, versus giving existing customers the ability to do some of that legwork for you and, as an example, wearing your brand on their body in the form of clothing? It's a far more intimate form of advertising that is likely to help you secure some rock-solid potential clients.

Positivity Loves Company

Good news may travel fast, but when it leads to positive reinforcement, its staying power is undeniable. Your current customer base will be able to plant that seed of positivity in the minds of individuals and families who haven't interacted with your club yet, giving that upbeat buzz surrounding your brand will grow and spread quickly.

In short, positive word-of-mouth loves company. We have all heard that any publicity is good publicity, but rave reviews straight from the mouths of people who know your brand personally is great publicity 

Despite the cost factor in making branded merchandise available to current clients and prospects alike via your website, it is nonetheless an essential ingredient to your organization's long-term success in the world of gymnastics. Even if you're only starting with a few buyers, the snowball effect that comes from positive word-of-mouth reviews will undoubtedly lead to higher enrollment numbers and increased revenues in the future.


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