4 Easy Ways Your Organization Can Increase Revenue

Posted on 6/10/16 10:03 AM by Kristen Goecke

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It’s no secret that activity-based organizations, like sports clubs and schools, have some of the most loyal customers on the planet. Due to the intimate nature of that relationship, your business strategies should be optimized to cultivate a kind of loyalty that creates larger communities around your organization. That said, there are some specific practices that you should be using regularly to reinforce these local-first ideals.

Find out the best ways to increase your organization's revenue in the digital world:

Child gardening

Leverage Your Social Proof

You know you have tons of customers who love you! Ask the best ones to write a review of your business on a rating and review website or even just your Facebook page. If you do use a rating website, you can often display those reviews on your website or social media pages. New customers are attracted to positive reviews and are much likely to trust your business and make a purchase.

Offer Online Registration and Payment

Like you, your clients are busy people. Asking them to take off work to stand in line on a Monday afternoon to get their kid into this summer’s swim class or camp is not nice. For some families, it's impossible. Why not make it as easy as possible for them to participate in your activities?

Every year the percentage of transactions made online grows (same with mobile devices). At some point, very soon, if you don’t offer online registration, they will find another organization that does. Get on this now before you lose the competitive advantage that online registration and payment offers and start losing clients to the competition.

Offer Merchandise

Odds are all of your participants require some sort of gear to participate in your activities - why not buy that gear from you? Offering merchandise gives you a new revenue stream outside of tuition and/or memberships. In addition to gear, offer branded merchandise. If the merchandise is cool, your clients will be more than happy to be walking advertisements for your organization.

Think Outside the Box

Don’t limit yourself to clothing and gear.  

  • Are there any books you recommend your participants read that will inspire them or improve their skills?  How about videos?  Include them in your store.

  • Every parent loves to have pictures of their child in action.  Why not partner with a local photographer and offer photo packages of the child, team, competition and/or final performance?

  • Include a special fundraising section in your store.  

  • Solicit merchandise or service donations from local business and/or current clients and offer those items in your store.  This could be anything from electronics to spa packages.  You’ll be surprised at how willing your participants are to help you raise money, especially if they know what the proceeds are going toward.  

In addition to Online Registration software that boasts a top-tier user experience, the Amilia Store feature allows you create collections that house as many products as you wish to sell as well as fundraising feature that makes it easy for your clients to become donors.

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