23 Things Parents Need to Know Before Camp Starts

Posted on Mar 7, 2016 12:52:10 PM by Marisa Samek

You did it. The registration blitz for the first month is over. The kids are signed up, bunks are being assigned, and you’re on the very last round of hiring. While the process seems clear on your end, parents who have just registered their children for camp are brimming with questions: What time do I need to drop my child off again? Do I need to sign another waiver form for that rock-climbing outing during week 2? Will my son or daughter be allowed to have their phone with them?



Eliminate undue stress by making sure you create a “Parents' Guide to Camp” to send to parents before camp starts. Here are at least 23 things you should include:


Arrival and Dismissal

  1. When does camp start?
  2. When does camp end?
  3. When and where do I have to drop my kid off?
  4. What waiver forms do I need to fill out?

Camp activities and packing info

  1. What will my kids be doing on a daily basis?
  2. What does my kid need to bring to camp?
  3. Even more importantly, what should my kid not bring to camp?
  4. Who is my child’s camp counsellor?

Special Days and Events

  1. What are the special days and events that you will be hosting?
  2. What special equipment or extra clothing will these activities require?
  3. If it is an outing: where will you be going?

Health and Safety Policies

  1. How do you deal with campers with special dietary or health needs?
  2. What bunk is my child in?
  3. Is my kid in a bunk with their friend?

Communication Policies

  1. Who is the contact person at the camp office?
  2. What are your social media channels?
  3. How can I subscribe to the camp newsletter?
  4. What are your visiting hours?
  5. Will I be able to send letters to my child when they are at camp?
  6. Will I be able to talk to them on the phone or via text message?

Registration and Withdrawal Policies

  1. What are your policies on emergency withdrawal from camp?
  2. What are your refund policies?
  3. What are your registration policies?


What else would you include in your "Parents' Guide to Camp"?