10 Crucial Questions You Need to Ask Before Selecting Online Registration Software

Posted on Jun 8, 2016 1:33:34 PM by Kristen Goecke

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These days you can buy pretty much anything online and studies are showing that the percentage of purchases made online are increasing year after year. More likely than not, your customers are buying online.

Unfortunately, many activity based businesses do not offer this convenience. Those that do, have and will continue to have a competitive advantage over those that don’t.

You know you want that competitive advantage but finding the right software solution to suite your needs can be an overwhelming process and what if you choose the wrong one?

Some simple preliminary research can save you time and help ensure you select a solution that will best suite your unique business needs.


Here at  Amilia, we’ve found that no two activity based organizations are alike and software solutions at their best are problem solvers.

Before you dive in and start scheduling demos or signing up for trials, it's important that you look at the problems you are trying to solve rather than focusing on a bunch of features that may or may not be central to your business model.  

Creating a list of your business rules is a solid way to get off on the right foot. Answer the following 10 questions (and follow-up questions) and use them in your evaluation process: 

  1. How are your activities sold? Are they session based? Are they booking based? Do you have a mix of the two?

  2. Do you have registration and pre-registrations periods?

  3. What kind of information do you need from your participants? Does this change from activity to activity and over time?

  4. Do you require prerequisites or mandatory criteria for registration based on age, gender, skill level?  

  5. Do you have or need an online payment processor?

  6. Do you offer promotions, e.g. coupons, combos, family discounts, based on age, location?

  7. Do you offer recurring payments, installments, partial payments? What forms of payment do you accept or want to accept e.g. credit card, check, cash?

  8. Do you sell merchandise? Do you have required equipment for activities?   

  9. Do you have events? Sell tickets?

  10. Do you do any fundraising?

When you evaluate the various software vendors, let them know your requirements and see how they measure up. You will find out quickly if they are a real contender for your business or not.

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