10 Fantastic Halloween Costumes You Can Put Together the Day of 

Posted on Oct 22, 2015 9:00:00 AM by Marisa Samek

Between swimming lessons, skating, ballet, and karate, where was the time to go shopping for a shiny, new Halloween costume? Here are 10 DIY costumes that are easy enough for a Saturday crafternoon with the kids or that you can put together yourself just in time for Trick-or-treating!  

1. Cat or Dog

You’ll need: Felt, turtleneck shirt, leggings or pants, 1 stocking, pins, cardboard, hot glue, headband

How to: Cut out ears (long, short, pointed, round) from a piece of felt and stick the felt to a piece of cardboard if you want them to stay upright. Then glue the ears onto a headband. For the tail, find a matching coloured stocking and stuff it with newspaper or a bunch of socks and pin it to the back of your child’s shirt. Use face paint to create a nose, mouth, whiskers, and any spots or stripes. 

2. Rubik’s Cube

You’ll need: big cardboard box, red, blue, black, white, green, yellow, orange paint, 1 thick and 1 thin paintbrush

How to: First, paint each side of the box one of the Rubik’s Cube colours: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, White, and Orange. Once the paint has dried, use the thinner brush to paint black grid lines on each side of the cube. Leave to dry and then cut holes for the head and arms. 

3. Paper Bag Princess

You’ll need: large paperbag, headband, black eye shadow

How to: Cut out holes for the arms and a neckline. Then cut a jagged line along the bottom and use that paper to make a small crown which you can attach to a headband to keep it on your child's head. You can also spread black eye shadow on your child’s cheeks to look like soot and even have one of your your ther kids dress up as the dragon (see instructions below).

4. Cookie Monster

You’ll need: blue hoodie, blue pants or leggings, 2 ping pong balls, a permanent marker, and play-doh or felt for the cookie.

How to: Colour in two dark spots on the ping pong balls for Cookie Monster’s eyes, glue them onto the top of the hoodie, and attach the felt or play-doh cookie to the sleeve. That’s all you need!

5. Thing 1 and Thing 2

You’ll need: Red top and matching pants or leggings (or red onesie), paper, blue feather boa, bobby pins, white and black face paint,

How to: This one's great for siblings or even for a matching parent-child costume. Print out "THING 1" "THING 2" on sheets of paper and cut the paper in a large oval. Then, glue the oval onto your red top. Wrap the blue feather boa around your child's head and fix it using bobby pins. Finally, add a little black and white face paint for the perfect look.  

6. Mummy

You’ll need: white clothes, toilet paper

How to: This is a more traditional, scary Halloween costume but also easy to pull off. Simply dress your child in white and wrap them up in toilet paper. To add some flair, create an Egyptian pharaoh mask out of cardboard. 

7. Mime

You’ll need: striped shirt, dark pants, black beret, red or black scarf or suspenders (optional), white and black face paint, white gloves

How to: Get dressed and put on the face paint. Maybe watch a few Mime clips on Youtube for your kids to get the hang of whole performance but otherwise, this one's great if you're in a Halloween costume rut. 

8. Tooth fairy

You’ll need: leotard, tutu, tights, a straw or pencil, cardboard fairy wings (most dollar stores carry them around Halloween season) 

How to:  Use your kid's ballet uniform as the base for an adorable Tooth Fairy costume. Cut out a tooth from the cardboard (paint it white, if necessary), and stick it onto the pencil or straw for the Tooth Fairy Wand. 

9. Alligator or Dragon costume

You'll need: cardboard box, 2 paper cubs, paint, matching top and bottom, stocking and socks or newspaper for stuffing

How to: The alligator or dragon costume is a little more labour intensive but totally worth it. One side of the cardboard box will be the alligator or dragon snout, cut teeth on three of the sides, stick two paper cups on top for the eyes, and cut out two small pieces of cardboard for the ears. You can then use a string under your child's chin to attach the head and use the leftover cardboard to use as spikes for the tail.  

10. Tintin and Captain Haddock

If you’re looking for hassle free, no crafts needed but a sure crowd pleaser, Tintin and Captain Haddock are a great bet for siblings, or even for a parent-and-kid double costume. 

Tintin needs: trench coat, short grey and brown plaid pants, a white shirt and black tie, blue sweater, and a small white dog stuffed animal. 

The Captain needs: black pants, a blue turtleneck sweater, a black coat, black cap, a fake pipe you can cut out of cardboard, and a felt mustache and beard or you can draw it on with face paint.