5 Steps to Writing an Effective Job Posting

Posted on 12/29/14 8:30 AM by Ashley Wood

Staff turnover is expensive and time consuming but unavoidable. Whether you’re hiring for a summer position, part-time or a full time position you’ll have to write up a job posting. It’s important that you spend some time and effort on the posting because a well written and concise posting will attract the right kind of applicants. You should keep at least one version of a job posting for every position at your gym. This will save you time if someone leaves suddenly and you need to get a posting out there quickly.


Here are 5 tips to help you write an effective job posting:

1. Asses your needs

Any position at your gym evolves over time. While you may want to reuse an old posting, make sure to take into account everything your former employee was responsible for. An old job posting is usually great framework for your new posting but review it carefully and include or remove any aspects of the position that have changed.

2. Talk to your staff

While you may know exactly what the job requirements should be for this position, your staff can be extremely insightful and helpful when it comes to the skills and abilities required for the open position. Ask your staff what qualities your new hire should possess and what would make them a successful addition to the team.

3. Make sure to include a summary of your gym

While someone may have all the qualities you’re looking for, they may not be a fit for your gym. Chances are your new hire won’t be working solo so you want to give them insight into your organization as a whole; environment, culture, reputation and career opportunities.

4. Be Specific

 The more specific you are about qualifications, the less like you are to receive applicants that aren’t a good fit. This is important, especially for teaching staff. If you’re looking for some “experienced” then indicate how many years’ experience you’re looking for. Someone who’s taught for a year may feel they’re experienced while you consider someone with over five years’ experience to be “experienced”.

5. Include a deadline

Make sure to date the job posting and include a time frame for applications and a desired start date. This not only encourages timely responses but also weeds out applicants who aren’t available to start when you needs them. Make sure to clearly indicate the best way for applicants to submit their resumes and (if possible) let them know once you’ve received it.